DeRose Family Counseling

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Racine WI 53403

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Individual Therapy: Client meets one-on-one for sessions to address the client's treatment goals.

Couples/Relationship Therapy: Working with couples (cohabitating, dating, married, same-sex, interfaith, interracial, etc.) for sessions to address the couples' mutually agreed upon treatment goals.

Family Therapy: Family therapy consists of 2 or more family members meeting with a therapist for therapy.  The therapist focuses on treating the family unit versus one individual within the family.

Child or Adolescent Therapy: A crucial component of child or adolescent treatment involves the parental unit (mother, father, caregiver, or guardian).  Usually the first session involves the parent(s) providing information concerning the child's developement, behavior, relationships, and habits.  The therapist is frequently consulting with the parent(s) during the treatment process to gather critical feedback of the effectiveness of the process and to reinforce the work done in treatment within in the child/adolescent's home.  Therapy sessions usually range from 45-60 minute sessions, dependent on the age of the child.

Immigration Evaluations and Related Services:  DeRose Family Counseling is committed to helping immigrants by thoroughly analyzing their hardship. A psychological evaluation can be a powerful piece of evidence to demonstrate and prove the extreme hardship that the qualifying relative and family would suffer if they are separated.